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The best reason I know of Not to use "Powder Fires"! (Did anybody see that?)

Dennis Quackenbush and Big Bore Bob showing how it is done with a Pyramyd Air Chronograph  at L.A.S.S.O. (Long Range Airgun Silloette Shooters Organization)

More great read on Big Bore writen By  Tom Gaylord and Pyramyd Air! ( a must read for the Entusiast)

Ever think you are good enough to hit birds in mid flight? Eat what you kill....has its exceptions in mid-flight. The cat did not seem to mind anyways!

Seeing is believing! Big Bore Billy's Favorite Airgun Clips!

.50 Calaber Airgun at 50 yards Review 200 grn. ball and 310 grn. conical pure lead  slugs at 2500 P.S.I.

This video takes a close look at the Daystate Air Ranger, FX Royale, Air Arms S410 FAC, Logun Solo, BSA Ultra, and Edgun Matador. After a look at the guns, we move on to a sound test, and finish off with a few conclusions re: the sound levels of the six rifles.

The Air Ranger was tuned to 45 foot pound of energy (fpe). The Edgun was at 33fpe. The Royale about 34-35fpe. The Logun was 29fpe. The AA was at about 31-32fpe. And the Ultra (.177) was at 15-16fpe.

I'd shut my camera down in between guns, and sometimes I wouldn't get the zoom in the same spot when I fired it back up. The microphone isn't a stereo telescopic (like some of the really fancy cameras), so the sound being recorded was the same despite the differing zoom.

Background music is titled "Whiskey on the Mississippi", by Kevin Macleod.

My Friend, Paul Capello of Airgun Reporter doing an amazing review of HW100 fully shrouded barrel (FSB) .22 PCP Pest and small game air rifle.

Saving the "ULTIMATE ENTHUSIASTS" Air Gun Video's for last! Perhaps the best production air gun ever made.

 If you can't get a Quackenbush today, GET A ROGUE! U Ben-Jam-In?

Don't Be Fooled! Big Bore Air Guns Are NOT Toys! Best Video on the page (above)! Things many not be as many think!


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