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Thomas Jefferson and I think so much alike, I almost think we are related!.

I will learn to feed, myself, in the woods and my garden!

I will learn to work, for myself, with my own hands and mind!

I will learn to depend on my goverment , for nothing more than my tax bill.

I will learn, to defend my county that gives me these freedom rights.

I will learn , the teachings of "The Grand Archietec of All Things".

I will LEARN...

Welcome to "Gun's and Rose's"

Billy Crum

I am still trying to find a better way to say this, get the message across. I suppose I always will be!

Guns Don't kill people,

People do!

The Truth about Shootist from "The SHOOTIST MASTER" himself. My mentor, may you rest in peace.  In fond memory of Robert "Bob"Munden with Becky his Shootist Wife.
(February 8, 1942 - December 10, 2012) From K.C.MO. U.S.A.)

To further the education, safety, and interests, in large caliber airguns and show that they are capable of ethically taking larger "big game animals"

Josh Ungier,

President and CEO

of Pyramyd Air about his company.

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It is a good thing I impress easy. ( ya should have seen the one that got away!)

I am a registered freight broker of imported cut flowers by day, and a air gun "shootist" "Enthusiast" and dealer by nights and weekends. (sometimes when frustrated, in the office by day too.) If you enjoy hunting deer, wild boar, coyote and bison without all the noise and expense of Powder Fire ammunition, then big bore air gunning may be right for you. You need not clean them but a few time per year, if you shoot every day. Make your own lead for pennies or buy pre molded for far less than powder fire guns. Use scuba tanks or light weight fiber tanks with a home air compressor and shoebox 2nd stage,or hand pump. Quality Airguns are known to hold a charge for a year or more. Repeaters, and full auto's, in some models  Big game hunting at 1/3 the price and twice the fun. I am a Big Bore Enthusiast. My favorite big bore airguns are the .308 cal. Dennis Quackenbush. .45 cal. Sam Yang Big Bore 44 909 Light Hunter , and the .357 cal. Benjamin Crosman. I am a supporter of L.A.S.S.O. ( The Longrange Airgun Silhouette Shooters Organization )  What is a big bore airgun, you ask? Well, there are four small bore calibers — .177, .20, .22 and .25. Anything larger than .25 caliber is considered a big bore. But this year, someone showed up with a .257 rifle made by Jack Haley that launches 75-grain bullets at 1,100 f.p.s. They develop over 200 foot-pounds of energy at the muzzle. I talked with John Bowman, owner of this scandalous rifle, and was informed that he lapped the bore himself after talking to Dan Lilja, no less. He proved his claims the rifle will group inside two inches at 300 yards. Be sure to checkout Mr. Hollowpoint (Robert Vogel) an Nodak Outdoors too. Some of the best Air Tanks and supplies can be found at Martin Greenwells place. B. J. Crum's info web sites.

The Scandalous Rifle with my friend John Bowman. He makes his own ammo and charges his tanks at home in Miami, Oklahoma for pennies per shot!

300 yards in a 4 inch circle, shot after shot an he will prove it!

A nice B.A.T.F approved silencer (supressor). Some people do like it when their airgun just goes "CLICK"! Low recoil is a nice plus too.

The computerized "Benjiman ROGUE" in .357. Get yours today! Most credit cards and PayPal excepted! Shipped to your door. It is a beauty!

More Hunting Video's are on the Air Gun You Tube Page!

Your Page Title Shop for Air Rifles: Pre-Charged Pneumatic (PCP) Rifles Lightweight,quite. powerful and virtually recoil-free, pre-charged pneumatic air rifles provide the constancy and accuracy you have been searching for. Browse the inventory to shop for the PCP Hunting air rifle specifically designed to meet your needs. You can search by price, brand and popularity. And, if you are still unsure of what you are looking for, please use the Guided Air Rifle Shopping Tool. Welcome to Big Bore Billy's "Guns & Roses" Air Gun Hunting Enthusiasts.

.357 Benjamin Rogue ePCP
“… Most technically advanced and versatile hunting airgun ever …” Crosman claims their .357 Benjamin Rogue ePCP is the most technically advanced and versatile hunting airgun ever, a six-shot repeater that may be set with the push of a button to shoot three different weight .357 bullets at low, medium or high power. Muzzle velocity goes from 700 to 1,000 feet a second with knockdown energy from 100 to 250 foot pounds depending on the bullet and the power setting. With the right combination, the gun may pick off a jack rabbit at 100 yards, a coyote at 75 yards, or drop a wild hog in its tracks at 50 yards. 

                       Seeing is believing! Big Bore Billy's Favorite Airgun Clips!_________________

Thank you for contacting me. I will get back to you as soon as possible. As a Dealer for Air Venturi and Pyramyd Air YOU can take an additional 10% OFF of the price by ordering directly through me! Same terms, warranty and service. B. J. Crum
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You can find me at 17878 U. S. 412, Flint Ridge Hunting & Fishing Resort, "LIL" Kansas, Oklahoma on the Illinois & Flint Rivers or call (918)-919-8016.

17878 US Highway 412

Meet Big Bore POWER at Big Bore Bob's  Welcome to new realm airguns. a new concept in the airgun world, we do not subscribe to proprietary secrets nor market capturing techniques. Our sole purpose is to bring the community into a 21st century understanding of airgun construction and concept. Here we will discuss such things as trans-sonic airflows, convergent divergent nozzles and their application to inter duct flow dynamics. Metallurgical manipulation and the application of today’s materials into the continuing rich history of air gunning that began centuries ago. Titanium is the primary material we will be striving to bring into this industry, with the current alloys available the weight of a conventional layout rifle may be reduced by a factory of one half without compromising the safety factors we all hold to. With recent developments in cryogenic metal processing we can build a titanium barrel with wear characteristics equal to or exceeding that of it’s typical mild steel counterpart. There is no idea too far fetched, or outside of the box. Some of the current projects we hope to bring to fruition in the coming months include: The Mariner Pistol: The Ti- Rex double side by side rifle. A rifle shaving the in-field weight by 30 percent and still delivering two completely autonomous rifles each with the power to cleanly take your game.

Quackenbush 50 caliber Bandit Power Modifications

Air Gunning may be a Boar to some, but It is a lot of fun to me an my air gun friends! Send me your Boaring photos for the collection!

  • Dimitris Drosos 2X FX Monsoon with Rabbits
    Dimitris Drosos 2X FX Monsoon with Rabbits
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Dimitris Drosos 2X FX Monsoon with Rabbits
Dimitris Drosos 2X FX Monsoon with Rabbits

(Camo rifle pictured is a .58 caliber optioned with 36" long barrel, 5 color Cerakote camo finish, laminate stock with Cerakote 5 color camo finish an optional Picatinny rail installed). available at X-P Airguns !


You must be 18 years or older to buy any air gun or air rifle in my store

It may not be the law, but is my moral choice!